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Tonies - Calm Creative Tonie

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Wind down with Calm and tonies®. Together we bring little listeners mindfulness activities, breathwork meditations, and Sleep Stories™ to help them find their calm. You can also record your own mindfulness stories on this Tonie.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork
  • Winding down


Track list:

Meditation # 1
Title: Blowing Candles Meditation 
Narrator: Emiko Susilo 
Run Time: 3:00
Description: A fun and easy breathing meditation to help young listeners shift their minds from active to calm.
     Meditation # 2
    Title: Body Scan Meditation 
    Narrator: Emiko Susilo 
    Run Time: 4:30
    Description: Young listeners learn to relax their bodies and minds with this easy-to-follow body scan meditation.
    Sleep Story
    Title: Sienna: Queen for a Night
    Narrator: Will deRenzy Martin
    Run Time: 41:10
    Description: For one special night, Sienna is crowned Queen of the rainforest.


      Total Run Time: 50+ minutes