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Tonies - Angelina Ballerina

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Angelina is a charming little mouse who dreams of becoming a famous ballerina at Camembert Academy. Pull on that tutu and join Angelina and her friends through ten stories as they meet a Princess, celebrate Angelina’s birthday, and attend the biggest event in Mouseland – the Royal Wedding.


This Tonie teaches kids about:

    • Ballet dancing
    • Performing
    • Problem solving
  • Stories:

    1. Angelina Ballerina

    2. Angelina and the Princess

    3. Angelina’s Birthday

    4. Angelina at the Palace

    5. Angelina On Stage

    6. Angelina and Alice

    7. Angelina’s Cinderella

    8. Angelina’s Big City Ballet

    9. Angelina and the Royal Wedding

    10. Angelina Loves Ice Skating

    Total Run Time: 73 minutes