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Pony Cycle

Pony Cycle Premium- Lt Brown K Ride on

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The first ride on in the world powered by human motion simulation, which allows minis to exercise and ride around the pony without batteries. Instead of children riding on rocking horses which keep the rider in one spot, the PonyCycle lt Brown Horse allows minis to ride to wherever they want, like riding on a real horse. They can ride indoors or outdoors on level ground. It works by gently bouncing up and down on the saddle. Minis make the horse's legs and head move forward and backward, moving the lt Brown Horse forward in a galloping motion. Pedals have a soft touch and fit for bare feet while wheels have integrated LEDs. Made of the finest cuddly plush, this lt Brown Horse comes with a saddle pad, seat cover, award ribbon, grooming brush and polo wraps. Seat Height: 23. For ages: 4-9 years.