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Peaches 'n Cream Frilly Chic Dress with Necklace


Where does the term “Peaches ‘n Cream” come from?

So glad you asked! In merry old England, the term referred to a fair complexion. A little girl with rosy cheeks and smooth downy skin was said to be wearing “her peaches and cream.” Imagine. The metaphor is perfect. But does it not apply to all little girls . . . and boys? 

For 69 years Peaches 'n Cream has designed clothing for children—girls and boys—and, inevitably, during live-fitting sessions, we marvel at how precious they are — no matter the color of their skin, the differing shapes of their small bodies or their eyes and faces, or the texture of their hair. Though different in many of these ways, children are universally precious—innocent, pure, hopeful, and enthusiastic. It’s little wonder we love what we do.

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