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NFL Flag Football Set- 8 Player Cheifs

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Get ready to tear up the field with the new NFL team Flag Football Sets! These tear-away flag sets are the perfect addition to any organized or recreational flag football team. Each set outfits 8 players for 4-on-4 play and includes 8 adjustable belts, each with 2 flags. The flags come in home and away colors, and easily tear away when pulled. Whether playing with friends in the backyard or competing in a league, these flags sets are all you will need to take the game to the next level! Support your team and get out there and play!

  • Includes (8) adjustable flag belts, each with 2 tear-away flags.
  • Perfect for 4 on 4 play, with home and away team colors!
  • Adjustable one-size-fits-all belts fits players of all ages!
  • Features the authentic team logos and colors of your favorite NFL team!