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Mini Cloudy Clock

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Our iconic Cutie Clock is available in a smaller "Cloudy" version, to easily place it on your desk, bedside table ... and on any metal surface thanks to its back magnet. Original and equipped with a motion detector, the alarm clock turns on automatically when you need it, by means of a snap of the fingers or a vibration that makes the screen appear. Its finish and graphic design make the mini Cloudy a different and elegant alarm clock that dresses your home discreetly. You can easily carry it with you, for example when traveling. Available in 2 colors, this alarm clock is the essential accessory to wake up gently. Snooze function for sleepers: to push back the alarm by 5 minutes, shake your Cloudy. Always equipped with a smart battery, it allows a one month autonomy without needing to recharge it. Technical features Digital screen - Displays time and date - 2 alarms - Magnetic - Motion detector - Nomadic

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