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Sunny Days

Maxx Action Commando Series Walkie Talkies

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2 WALKIE TALKIES: Includes two working walkie talkies, a must-have accessory to communicate with team members. Pair with Maxx Action vehicles, these Walkie Talkies are the perfect addition to any rescue mission. BUILT-IN MORSE CODE: Avoid eavesdropping enemies and communicate with friends using secret code! With built-in Morse code, kids can send secret signals with the toy way radios. LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Kids can carry the device hands-free with the included belt clip. Easy to use buttons and kid friendly size make this set easy to take anywhere on the go! SAFE & DURABLE: Built with durable construction, these walkie talkies come with volume control and bendable safety antennae. Use around the house or play outside in the yard up to 100 meters!