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Joybay Grand Air Horn Swing Car Ride on Toy: Pink Fairy

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Joybay grand air horn swing car ride on toy. Boasting a fun and prideful airhorn ride, this spectacular swing car ensures outrageous outdoor action designed with safety in mind. Now Your kids can enjoy numerous hours of riding joy expressed with horn honking.  What’s Unique: Boasting a fun and prideful airhorn ride with the most-welcoming Airhorn Feature, now kids can express their riding joy with horn honking. How it Works: Joy Bay swing car harnesses kid power! A toy that taps your child's inexhaustible energy to fuel big fun! No battery, no peddle and no motor. just turn the steering wheel from left to right and off they go! Who can Ride: Designed to accommodate anyone from 3 years of age with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs. Assembled dimension: 14'' W x 17'' H x 31'' D. Where to Use: Ideal for use in any outdoor area with a smooth, flat surface and where there is plenty of room to operate. Not recommended for indoor use.