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Elhee Baby Bottle

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Elhée 240 ml bottle, anti-colic in 100% clean medical silicone (no bisphenol, phthalates...) and unbreakable - Medium flow physiological teat (M). The most versatile format, to cover the needs of babies from 0 to 9 months (and more if affinity...).

The soft and delicate texture of this Elhée bottle helps to awaken baby's senses and gently accompanies the maternal bond. Its ergonomic design and lightness allow baby to take it independently from the first months.

It is recommended as a relay to theElhée 150 ml bottle or to facilitate the weaning of breastfed babies. Also compatible with a mixed breastfeeding project when this bottle is used with a slow flow teat (S), so that baby continues to feed as he learned at the breast, without risk of confusion breast / teat.

Made in France with care for a food respectful of the health of the children.