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Insect Lore

Best Ever Bug Jar

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  • Kids will love using this fun bug viewer whilst out exploring in the garden, local park or on a woodland walk. A great addition to a camping or beach trip - collect pebbles, shells, sand or flowers.
  • Take a closer look at creepy crawly critters without the risk of setting them loose in the house or up your sleeve!
  • Collect and observe the bugs - then let ‘em go....outside of course!
  • The easy-grip leafy screw top lid comes with breathable mesh to keep any beasties safe and secure. The jar is shatterproof, escape proof and is fitted with a comfy carry handle.
  • Includes an anatomically correct ladybird to play with before they begin any outdoor adventures.
  • Jar measures approx. 12.5cm tall with handle down, or 17cm with handle raised.  Width 10.5cm.
  • Made of plastic, no glass.
  • Ages 4+