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ATM Machine Toy

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🏦Realistic ATM Toy: To play, insert the debit card and enter the 4-digit PIN. Once the correct pin is received, the screen will light up with the voice prompt. You can make a deposit, withdrawal, and check your balance. If you forget your password: use a paper clip, a pen tip, or even a toothpick to carefully press the RESET button on the back of the ATM piggy bank machine to restart. 🏦 The Ultimate Piggy Bank: This kids’ toy also works for real money. Press the DEPOSIT key and prepare the money - the machine will automatically claim it. The keypad could be used to update the amount you have deposited or withdrawn in your account. The coin slot can read each coin when it has been deposited and credited to your balance, which helps your child to keep track of the balance. 🏦Functions: the mini ATM for cash saving has detailed instructions. Kids can set alarms, the time, date, ATM sounds, and music for a realistic experience. Package Dimensions:9.8*9.1*7.1inch