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Adora Snuggle & Glow Pet Pillow, Glow-in-the-Dark Llama

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  • GLOW-IN-THE-DARK BELLY - This kids' pillow is a great alternative to a night light, thanks to its comforting glow 
  • HOURS OF RELAXATION - Make sleep training easier with a glow-in-the-dark snuggle pillow
  • SUPER-SOFT FINISH - This adorable pet pillow is made from velvety boa material, making it your little one's next favorite cuddle buddy (after you, of course!)
  • THOUGHTFULLY CRAFTED - Its embroidered eyes will surely captivate your little one
  • SUNLIGHT ACTIVATED - Your stuffy will be charged by the sunlight and ready to glow at bedtime
  • 100% MACHINE WASHABLE - Simply throw your stuffed animal in the washer on laundry day
  • SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM - There are 4 snuggle pillow pets to collect. Plus, they make great gifts!
  • SIZE - 16" Llama snuggle pillow
  • AGE GROUP - This comfortable pillow is meant for ages 1 and up

Fear of the dark is extremely common for young kids and can often cause sleepless nights and difficulty transitioning to their "big kid beds." This is where Adora's Snuggle and Glow collection can help. Offering a warm and reassuring glow, Snuggle and Glow Llama will become the perfect comfort companion to help your child feel secure and happy all night long.

A great alternative to a night light for a glow of comfort and calm, Snuggle and Glow Llama has an adorable glow-in-the-dark, cactus-printed tummy. Activated by the light of day, Llama will be charged by the sunlight and ready to glow at bedtime. 

From her head to her cute, stubby tail, this ADORAble 16" beige plush, glow-in-the-dark Llama is made from super soft boa fabric and is squishy enough to offer the most snuggly cuddles all night long. Not just for bedtime, Snuggle and Glow Llama is 100% Machine washable, making her the perfect travel pillow companion too! She makes a great gift for ages 1 and up

Adora Llama Pillow is just one of the super soft, animal-inspired stuffed pillows from our Snuggle and Glow Pillow Collection. Each soft & snuggly animal plush has a unique design with different colors and glow patterns. There are 4 snuggle pillow pets to choose from or bring them all home today!