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Adora Mermaid Magic Doll Ariel

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  • Magic SURPRISE—watch as her tail transforms in water!
  • Warm water-activated color-changing doll!
  • Size: 10" Adora Doll
  • Light Skin Tone/Red Hair
  • Mermaid body with sparkly, iridescent top & fin
  • Ultra-soft plush body
  • Collect them all! - There are two other Mermaid Magic Dolls to play with
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Ready to splish-splash in the bath
  • Encourages imaginative, water play
  • Perfect size for the little hands
  • Ages 1 and up

Call upon your mermaid spirit and SEAS the day with Adora’s exclusive color changing Mermaid Magic Doll Ariel! This water-activated 10-inch plush doll for kids is the cutest interactive mermaid doll ever that reveal magic when wet! Adora Mermaid Doll Ariel billows happiness & love wherever she goes, and inspires everyone to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams! With her sunlit sleeping face and red hair accented with cute detailed embroideries, this bath doll is so ADORAble and one of her kind! This mermaid doll comes in her sparkly, iridescent pink top and mermaid fin. Plunge her into warm water and watch as her tail magically transforms into a colorful mermaid tail!

Adora Mermaid Doll Ariel is Made for Play and specifically designed for the little hands to play with! This interactive doll is sure to ignite imagination and encourage interactive fun bath! Ariel is your little one’s first soft doll, perfect as presents on birthdays and holidays! Ages 1 and up.

Don’t let anyone burst your bubble! Collect all interactive plush toy Adora Mermaid Magic Dolls and rekindle your mermaid heart!