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Adora Be Bright Lulu Doll with Color-Changing Hair

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  • BE BOLD, BE BRIGHT - It’s time empower our girls to #BeBright and change the world together. When the sun strikes Lulu’s color-changing hair, her inner strength comes to light!
  • 3-PIECE SET - This Adora girl doll set includes one 14" Be Bright doll with lilac hair, a removable, glittery dress with a bunny motif, and removable doll shoes
  • COLOR-CHANGING HAIR - Her beautiful, blonde-colored streak changes to a pink color in the sunlight
  • REALISTIC DETAILS - This lifelike doll has light-toned skin, big brown eyes, and carefully painted eyelashes
  • REMOVABLE CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES - Lulu arrives dressed in a flouncy dress with a flared glitter-coated skirt, bunny applique on the chest, and matching pink doll shoes
  • MATERIAL- She has a high-quality vinyl doll body and head that are movable
  • SIZE - 14” Adora doll toy
  • AGE GROUP - I'm meant for ages 3 and up
  • ORIGIN – Imported
  • Perfect alternative for 18-inch toy dolls

As parents, we know that when our girls feel confident, they have the inner strength to succeed and go after their dreams. With Adora’s Be Bright girl dolls, we can empower girls to develop the skills and spirit needed to navigate their world from a place of self-confidence and courage. 

It’s time to teach our kids that with confidence anything is possible. It’s time to teach them to #BeBright & change the world together! 

The Story of the Be Bright Girls: 

Legend has it that the Be Bright Girls were chosen by five animal guardians filled with spirit to empower girls to be confident, dream big and change the world. When the sun strikes their magical color changing strands of hair, the inner Spirit Animal comes to light reminding girls across the world to draw on the strength, courage and pride that is within them all. 

Within the "Be Bright" collection, each girl has her own unique spirit animal, story & hashtag focusing on a positive characteristic. From Positivity, Kindness, PrideConfidence and Intelligence, there’s a Be Bright for everyone.  

Meet Lulu: 

"Hi - I'm Lulu! I'm a fast-footed acrobat; I'm always quick to follow my friends with positivity and a smile! Like a bunny, my spirit animal, I try to put a smile on my loved ones faces! I call upon my animal powers to remind my friends to be kind to everyone they meet. It takes more muscles to frown than smile, so don't forget to turn that frown upside down! #BeKind" 

Be Bright doll Lulu is a 14-inch interactive doll with hip-length lilac hair and a UV-light activated braided blonde streak that turns pink in the sun. Bring her back to shade and the braided streak returns to its original blonde color. Be Bright Lulu has brown eyes and a light skin tone. This Adora interactive doll comes wearing a cold-shoulder dress with her Spirit Animal bunny appliqued on the front, paired with pink/white shoes.


A great alternative to 18-inch dolls,  Be Bright Lulu spreads kindness and will inspire, and uplift young girls to live in a world where anything is possible!