Perfect Birthday Parties Made Easy!

We all know that with the age of Pinterest and blogs, creating a perfect birthday party for your little guy or gal is a high priority. I mean it's gotta be blog-worthy or what's the point. Right? But isn't it exhausting?! The birthday decor, accessories for the birthday princess and prince, party favors, games, the food! Oh my! So we decided to make things just a tad easier for that parent who strives for perfection. You're welcome! ;)
The perfect party must have great decor. So here are some really beautiful, fun, and lovely options to decorate around. Try our Birthday Chalkboard Table Runner. This is perfect for any age and gender and can be used over and over again. 

 These beautiful age-appropriate garland banners add a bit of charm and whimsy to babe's most important party of all—the first birthday! 

Or try this colorful vintage-inspired chain garland, great for any age, for a throwback to the good ole days. 

Need the perfect crown or hat or bow for your birthday girl or guy? We've got tons of those too! Ones for that special first birthday and for all those after, and plenty for any kind of special occasion. 

And of course, do we even need to say it? When you need the perfect outfit for that perfect party, who do you call (or visit...calling wouldn't be appropriate in this case)? Jellybeans!!! 

So why spend hours making homemade garlands and hats and outfits that never turn out as good as you want them to (been there, done that!), when you can just come to Jellybeans to get everything you need for that super special exceptionally perfect birthday occasion!

(And don't forget we also have TONS of the best toys, books, games, crafts, and baby items for gifts and party favors. See? We really do have it all!) 

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